My journey as an artist started when I was just a little girl. I think my mom was worried about me because I had difficulties living in the real world. So she decided to enroll me in a drama course and that was my salvation. I discovered a new world full of joy and creativity, but the best part - I was welcomed to be myself! That was my call... So when the time came to choose a career I had no doubt that Performance Arts offered at the UNICAMP College, was the natural step for me. I'm happy that I graduated in 2007 and began my journey to discover the world around me and the new discoveries.. within me.

It turned out that Performance Arts wasn't enough for me. I wanted to experience so much. So in my 26 years as a professional, I've experience quite a lot – especially when embracing new and exciting ways to explore the creative passions that run though my life. To make it easier to explain I will draw you my non linear crazy life!!



Cultural Producer

Bird Breeder



Director &

Art Direction


Dir. Assistent

Best job ever!
linhas tempo 1-01.png


Over the years, and across all sectors of my life, I had the opportunity to discover, to work with great professionals and valued companies in Brazil and around the world. After seeing and sensing so many cultures around the globe, over the years I developed an interesting background – one that helps me to flow between different artistic languages with confidence.


My Day Dream List

  *A Vision of Love* 

* To develop a puppet show and audiovisual content for children and young people  – to inspire them, to grow them up to love themselves and to follow their bliss.

 * Perform for kids in hospitals and in new exciting projects.

* To partner with organizations to develop artistic/social projects for children

* Act in an amazing film.

* See my birds flying around the world.

PS: I know that my list of things to do is huge and ambitious. 

So if you think that you want to fly with me, I would love to hear from you.