Please, Remember to FLY


Have you ever been to a place where life has lost its colour?

Or have you ever wondered - where did you lose yourself?

I am talking about that you that shines, laugh and enjoy life.

Well, I am not ashamed to say that I have been in this place - a few times.

But one day, a sweet voice blew in my ears: 

"Please, remember to Fly!"



My dear friend and talented artist Rodrigo Gaion was with me, and I can't say who heard the voice first,

but we knew that was a calling.

A call to reconnect with ourselves and follow our bliss. Be present.

Our hearts sent on fire with the desire to collaborate in a project!

The idea was to record artistically our journey to happiness and to inspire others to fly too.



On that day we get inspired and spent all night playing with clay. With materials around, Rodrigo created this beautiful Warrior of Light and the next day I took some pictures...
That was a magic afternoon.


Please, Remember to Fly 

Fine Photograph . Performance . The Birds 

Fine Photograph

 and look for magic...


Daisy Schmetterling and the Birds

Let's fly


Daisy is the Fairy of the Birds. They have a lot of fun in the forest, but what they love is to play with kids. The sound of their laugh is real happiness for them. Their mission is to spread the message of love and faith.

It is known that joy and kindness have a positive impact on the healing process, and because of that, they wish to visit children in hospitals to bring some magic playtime.

Do you think you can help us to make it happen?

Please, contact me!